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Artist Statement

I am a photographic artist mainly located in Berlin. Making photographs is one of my passions. It is activity I love, activity  at times frustrating, seemingly impossible to catch what I see, and at other times the source of some great fun.

My photographs are generally about capturing my experiences in life, often within the occurrence of nature. To express my views I compose photographic poems which mostly consist of „the eight views“ (see portfolio).

Sometimes a topic catches my attention and I work on art projects which are somehow different to my photographic poems (see art projects).

I photograph with analog cameras, and more recently with a digital camera. What draws me to the analog cameras is that they require me to work slowly, one picture on film at a time. I print my negatives in my own photography darkroom on black and white paper.

Nadja Siegl aka THE DUN DOG

member of the women artists group „blutorangen“


photographic education:

2002-2004 Apprenticeship Musisches Zentrum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Photography, focus b & w, Apprenticeship photographic laboratory, art director Felix Freier (DGPh)

2008 Workshop laboratory imago fotokunst Berlin with Mathias Richter

2012 – 2013 Fotoklasse imago fotokunst Berlin with Oliver S. Scholten