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next exhibition: „Women and the Reformation“

This exhibition is about the devout, courageous, confident women of the Reformation that often remain nameless to the public. Their work for change was uncompromising and their goals influenced society up to the present day. The exhibition weaves together the threads of female reformers up to the self-determined paths of strong and dynamic women of contemporary history.

Exhibition of the „blutorangen“

Vernissage: Sunday, 29. October, at noon
Where: Pfarramt, Ritterstraße 11 / 14513 Teltow

Duration: 29. October till 12. November 2017
opening hours: Mo, Do 9 am  – noon; Di 9 am – noon  and 1 pm – 6 pm

Sunday, 5. November: 11 am till 5 pm: the artists are present and guide through the exhibition at noon and 3 pm

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